A Spirit-led, Passionate Game Studio

A story-driven indie studio

Artistic games for a higher purpose

At Grimm Tales, we seek to do more than create mindless entertainment. We believe that games are a beautiful art form and can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Our mission is to create impactful experiences through games, all while being led by Christ. We want to make players laugh, cry, and think.

Our games focus heavily on telling captivating stories. We intend to explore Christian themes and the complicated nature of being. Through our stories, we want to leave players with an experience that causes them to reflect.

Like other studios, we want players to have fun with our games. We want our gameplay to be just as enjoyable and interesting as our stories. 

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Star in the Hollow is our studio’s very first tale. Kay has found herself lost in an underground world with amnesia. As she begins to explore her alien surroundings, she comes across a majestic, tall bird. The Spirit offers to guide Kay out of the cave to reunite with her parents.