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A HeartFelt Journey

The Story

The game follows the pair’s adventure through this vast, beautiful underground world. However, all is not well within the world. There is a strange ghost child that haunts the young girl. A raging fire of unknown origin seeks to destroy all that it touches. Not to mention, the Spirit seems to be keeping secrets from the girl.
Even still, the Spirit promises to help the child find her way out. The question remains: what is to be found at the end of this world?

Meant For two

The Gameplay

Star in the Hollow has been designed from the ground up around two playable characters: Kay and the Spirit. Each character excels in different areas.

Kay’s strength is in her jumps! She can wall jump on wooden surfaces and use her cartwheels to reach new heights.

The Spirit’s strength is in his wings! He can dash around on the ground at high speeds or glide great distances in the air.

Additionally, Star in the Hollow supports single-player and local co-op play.

In a Beauitful World

The World

Star in the Hollow takes place in a massive underground cavern. There is little natural light, outside of bioluminescent plants. Some areas have great holes in the ceiling that let in rays of light. Even still, life finds a way to persist in this mysterious, rocky labyrinth. 

Throughout each level, you will get to explore different areas and biomes of this fantastical world. Explore to your heart’s content as you find lost animals, azuzzi crystals, and cute cosmetics! But, there is far more to discover than mere collectibles. You will also befriend majestic creatures, fight off sinister foes that threaten your path, and learn the secrets of the world itself.